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Inca Stone Peruvian Travertine is a family run business.  American owned but with strong Peruvian ties.  Our Company has led the way with innovation and design with some of the top Architects, Designers, and Builders.  When one wants to reach "out of the box" in creativity, Inca Stone has been the "go to" Travertine company!  There has been many that profess to do what we do, but unfortunately many that have confided in our competitors, have referred back to having Inca Stone find the solution to their misstep.  We are the "only" solution to Peruvian Travertine!  

We lead with our industry knowledge, strong relationships, excellent workmanship, and customer service.   In addition to those characteristics, we are the only Peruvian Travertine company currently in the United States that has its own quarries and Peruvian production plant; as well as a fabrication facility in the United States.   All other Peruvian wholesalers and/or retailers in the United States purchase their material from a Peruvian Travertine manufacturer.   We have our hands in the entire process.

There has not been an idea thus far that we have not been able to apply to our Travertine, whether it be in a horizontal or vertical application.  If you desire one of the strongest, most beautiful, reliable natural stones in the world, please reach out to Inca Stone for your Peruvian Travertine needs.  

We look forward to building a new relationship with you!

Why settle for second best when you can use Peruvian travertine on your next project!


 Inca Stone quarries Peruvian Travertine from the Andes Mountains at over 12,000+ feet above sea level.  It is due to the high elevations of our quarries which gives our Peruvian Travertine its density.  Our Travertine is extremely compact and you will find that it has minimal to no holes and/or voids; unlike what you will see with the Turkish and Mexican Travertines in today's market place.   The tectonic plates of the Andes Mountains have been pushed upwards for millions of years, where the friction, heat, and pressure has made Peruvian Travertine some of the best and most dense Travertine in the world; at 99.9% Calcium Carbonate.  Due to its high concentration of Calcium Carbonate, Inca Stone's Peruvian Travertine has become one of the most reliable and stable natural stones in the industry, being used in applications never before even considered as possible with natural stone and man-made products. 

Why settle for brokers when you can deal directly with a distribution network that is also the manufacturer.


Inca Stone has a "hands-on" approach in the entire process from customer service, design and specification, onsite assessments, cost analysis and engineering,  block acquisition and quarrying,  production in our own fabrication facilities locally and in Peru, exportation and importation, and reduction of lead times with in-house stock and transshipment hubs, which allow you to not have to buy full containers out of Peru.  Inca Stone is a "one stop" shop for all of your Travertine needs, we try and make things super "user friendly".